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Noodler's Ink Bottled Fountain Pen Inks (3oz-90ml) - 54TH MASSACHUSETTS

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Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts is a blue-black ink. It has high water resistance, a smooth flow, and dries in moderate time. There is medium bleed through, moderate feathering, low shading, no sheen.

Noodler's Ink Bottled Fountain Pen Inks (3oz/90ml)

Noodler's Ink offers quality ink for one of the lowest prices on the market. The catfish on the label symbolizes a Southern American sport which aimed to equalize the struggles between man and animal for a sense of fair play. Noodler's runs with that motif to seek a fair price for their inks. Noodler's offers unique bottles with varying colours, and different influences. Be careful as you open the bottle as these bottles are filled to the brim.


  • 3oz
  • Forge Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Bullet Proof
  • Archival
Noodler’s ink is an American brand specializing in offering maximum ink volume for lower prices. Noodler’s Ink is known for their wide variety of different styles of ink, ranging from bulletproof, archival water-resistant inks to colour-changing ones. Their wide selection of inks for affordable prices make their inks a must-add to any ink selection. Be careful when opening the bottle because these inks are filled to the brim!

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