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MIDORI - P-51 clips - Dog

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Package: H82 x W98 x D10mm / Clips: H10.5-19 x W18-20 x D5-5.5mm [MAPCA] / 18pcs (6colors x 3pcs)

Pastel-colored clips made from paper

These sliding-type paper clips feature a variety of colors and cute shapes. They’re made from a combination of 51% paper and MAPKA synthetic resin (produced in a way that minimizes CO2 emissions). Their unique texture, completely unlike plastic, creates a matte pastel sweet-like feel. These paper clips are able to bind together up to 10 pages at a time, simply by sliding them on.
Each motif features 6 colors, with a total of 18 clips in each box. They can be used to add a touch of fun to documents and gift cards at home, school, or in the office.

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