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LAMY 2000 Fountain pen

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The meticulously-designed Lamy 2000 Black Fountain Pen comes with a piston-operated ink filling system. The pen features 14k gold nib, which is platinum coated and hand polished. The 2000 barrel and cap are made from lightweight, durable fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate resin. With large ink capacity and low quantity of metal, this Lamy fountain pen for travelers makes a great travel companion.
The brushed matt texture of the Lamy 2000 fountain resists fingerprints and grime and provides a secure grip. It is rigid but is internally spring-suspended so that it can open to grip even the thickest jacket pockets.

* Smooth platinum-plated 14kt gold hooded extra fine nib
* Built-in piston filler tank holds a large capacity of ink
* Seamless invisible piston filler
* The spring-loaded clip made of a single billet of steel

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