Kyo No Oto

      Kyo No Oto fountain pen inks are produced by Tag Stationery working alongside “Kyoto Plant Research Institute” Kyo No Oto fountain pen inks are produced based on traditional Japanese colours used in Heian period (794 – 1185)  with modern technics. Each ink has unique Japanese names. All the ink pigments are created by Kyoto Plant Research Institute which specializes in dyeing and weaving for Japanese traditional clothing Kimono. Kyoto Plant Research Institute attempts to make the best use of the characteristic of “Nijimi” (Bleeding) of pigment to enhance the beauty of graduation of lights and shades.     Kyo No Oto, also known as Takeda Jimuki or TAG are Inks made in Kyoto, Japan. They are meant to evoke different colours from the city of Kyoto. These inks are made in small batches, so the colour can slightly vary for each bottle, giving you your own, unique, colour. NUREBAIRO Nurebairo translates to “jet black.” The Nurebairo goes down thick and dries darker. Users refer to this ink as “Raven” because there is a dark-blue undertone with this ink. The ink sheens well but seems basic black from afar. The ink is not waterproof. OCHIGURIIRO Ochiguriiro translates to “Fallen Maroon” This is an earthy, chestnut-brown ink. While it may be passable as an office ink, the brown is quite noticeable. The ink is not waterproof. SAKURANEZUMI Sakuranezumi translates to Sakura – Cherry Blossom and Nezumi – Mouse. This is a purple-grey ink inspired by cherry blossoms under grey cloudy skies. The ink contains multiple colors which is quite visible in wider nibs, demonstrating the sheen, shading and the deepness of the color. The ink dries slowly, it is not waterproof. AONIBI Aonibi is a blue-grey type of ink, like that of a denim tone. There is a small sheen, with no shimmer. The ink is on the dryer side and is not waterproof. MOEGIIRO Moegiiro derives from moe – sprout, and negi – onion. This is a green-yellow ink with inspiration from fresh green sprouts in the spring. This ink is not as dry as other Kyo-No-Oto inks. Shading doesn’t have plenty of contrast between light and dark and is present in finer nibs. Ink moves from a lighter to a darker green. This ink is not waterproof. HISOKU Hisoku is a light steel-blue ink with shading. There is medium shading, limited sheen, and no shimmer. This is a dryer ink, with a lighter hue. Ink dries slowly and is not waterproof. YAMABUKIIRO The Yamabukiiro is a green-olive ink, with a high shader in all ranges of nib sizes, leading to a wide spectrum of colors. The ink ranges from canary yellow in its lighter areas to olive green in the darker areas. The ink is dry, shades high, and is not waterproof. IMAYOUIRO The Imayouiro is a vivid magenta pink ink with low shading, small sheen, and no shimmer. The ink has a dry flow and is not waterproof KOKEIRO The Kokeiro is a yellow-green ink that shades well, transitioning from yellow-green to a darker green. The ink dries moderately fast and is not waterproof. Adzukiiro The Adzukiiro is a dark wine-red ink. There is medium shading, low-black sheen, and no shimmer. The ink has a moderately dry flow, dries slowly, and is not waterproof.
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