This quirky stationery store stocks a good deal of beautiful cards, pretty journals, decorative agendas, plenty of pens, markers and other writing instruments, wrapping paper, gift bags, candles, napkins, etc. Aside from stationery, Buchan’s sells high-end gift items such as, exclusive handbags, pursers, toys, fragrant creams, etc. Therefore, it is a great place to pick up a gifts or something for yourself.

Buchan’s store offers quick, easy and reliable shopping experience from anywhere in the world. Simply, call this number: (604)261-8510 or contact us by email: and we will discuss available shipping options that suits your needs.


Address: 2141 W 41 Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6M 1Z6  Phone: (604) 261-8510  E-mail: ❧ Hours: Mon – Sat: 9 am – 6 pm,  Sun: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Our second location: 350 – 9100 Blundell Rd, Richmond, BC.  Phone: (604) 270-9619 ❧ Hours: Mon – Sat: 10 am – 7 pm,  Sun: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

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The much anticipated Lamy 2000 limited edition fountain pen from blasted stainless steel in Black Amber was made to commemorate 50 years of Lamy Design. The high-quality finish has a pleasantly warm feel and, combined with the characteristic weight of the pen and 14 kt gold nib, creates a sensual writing experience. Piston fountain pen in set with ink bottle LAMY T 52 blue-black. Each fountain pen is individually numbered out of 5000 units worldwide. The unique and stylish pens are made in Germany.

Each year and exclusively for Buchan’s customers: Patience Brewster Christmas Figurines and Pins. Check out the Reindeer and other animals, as well as biblical and fairy tale characters. Meticulously detailed figurines of enchanting designs are the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone!

New colors in our store including pastels in Secrid brand collection: plenty of leather mini-wallets, slim wallets, twin wallets, and card protectors.


On the picture: Buchan’s Owner Inna Vasilyev-Gutman:

Buchan’s by local artist Leonard Shane

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